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Coming on the broadcast the weekend of March 23rd & 24th, 2019: Featured Artists: Our Featured Artists on this program will be the New Speer Family, a new generation of one of the most respected names in the history of Southern Gospel music, the Speers.This group includes Brian Speer (son of Brock and Faye Speer), his wife, Allison, along with veteran bass singer Mike Allen and newcomer Ben.

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A gospel-style American Christmas song, by R Fisher Boyce. Lyrics Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem Shining far through shadows dimmed Giving the life for those who long have gone on

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Hugh Gordon Stoker, leader of Country Music Hall of Fame vocal quartet The Jordanaires. but Chet Atkins instead hired brothers Ben and Brock Speer to sing with 31-year-old Gordon Stoker. Presley.

The Homecoming Friends remember the sweet, hopeful and sometimes embarrassing glories of their childhoods! BILL GAITHER What is the goofiest thing you believed as a child?

In November 1955, Sam Phillips sold Elvis Presley’s contract to RCA Victor for $35,000. Atkins played rhythm guitar, Floyd Cramer was added at the piano, and gospel singers Ben and Brock Speer of.

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lead-in, he turned to Mrs. Mull to introduce the next of a series of numbers sung by the gospel quartets. Mrs. Mull: “We have the Speer Family followed by the Blackwood Brothers.” Rev. Mull: “That.

Feb 21, 2018. Speer began publishing Southern Gospel music in 1950, founding the Ben Speer Music Company. Among songs published by the company.

Sep 18, 2014. Mary Tom has also been a staff member of the Ben Speer's. the Singing Speer Family was a well-known gospel group with its origins in.

34 MATAWAN 583-4544 PARKWAY EXIT 120, Right to Rt. 34 North GMO GKIS – 7 DAYS -C0HT. Members of the Speer Family gospel singers are (front row left to right) Ben Speer, Diane Hooper, Brock Speer and.

Soloists will be Mrs. John Holland, contralto, Mrs. Raymond Smythe, Mrs. Lanny Norris and Mrs. Ben Gomer-sall. at 11 a.m., Eugene Shirley is Director of Music and Mary Speer is organist. The public.

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Gospel music veteran Bill Gaither has proved once again he has a. Other highlights were Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s “Morning Has Broken” and 76-year-old Ben Speer’s “In the Midst of It All.”.

The Speer Family sang as continually as a singing group until their retirement in 1998, Ben Speer inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame.

Born to sing. Called to minister in song. Longing to touch lives… Christian singer/songwriter Stephen Hill, best known for his appearances on the Gaither Homecoming TV series, sings from the heart about issues that confront us all.

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Aug 14, 2012. Stephen was also a lifelong musician, singer and songwriter whose music. Once Ben Speer was introduced to the tall tenor's unmistakable. was nominated for the Gospel Music Association's Song of the Year in 2010.

Apr 10, 2017. Ben Speer, legendary member of the Speer Family, SGMA and GMA Hall. "Ben was a singer, musician, music publisher, and record company executive. Ben was inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in.

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When the children — Brock, Mary Tom, Rosa Nell and Ben — became old enough to sing with their parents, the Speer Family became the “First Family of Gospel Music.” The group survived into the late.

Ben Speer is involved in Southern Gospel music as the Music Director of the Gaither Homecoming Series. He was part of the Southern Gospel family group, the.

In January 1956, Stoker was included as a backup singer on Elvis’ first RCA recording session In a makeshift group with Ben and Brock Speer of the gospel-singing Speer Family. On another session later.

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Ben Lacy Speer (June 26, 1930 – April 7, 2017) was a singer, musician, music publisher, and record company executive. He sang for The Speer Family for most of his career. Speer later became the music director of the Gaither Homecoming programs. He was born in Double Springs, Alabama, the youngest child of Lena and G.T. Speer (affectionately known as "Mom" and "Dad" Speer to most people in.

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(AUGUST 2012) A LIFE WELL LIVED. Homecoming artist Stephen Hill passed away suddenly on August 5th from a massive heart attack. Here, we remember this "gentle giant" and the quiet, loving impact he made on so many around him.

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A gospel-style American Christmas song, by R Fisher Boyce. Lyrics Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem Shining far through shadows dimmed Giving the life for those who long have gone on

“He said that Elvis was just along-haired kid who was a passing fancy and he called me in tosing backup with Ben and Brock Speer on the session. “It wasn’t that we had anything against the Speers,”.

Oct 30, 2018. Ben Speer (19??-1993) (After retiring from the group, Ben continued to. (Rosa Nell was a featured singer as a child starting at the age of 3.

He copied the interpretation of the demo singer whenever he recorded his version. on rhythm guitar and Floyd Cramer on piano, along with a gospel trio consisting of Ben and Brock Speer of the Speer.

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Apr 3, 1999. However, outside the world of gospel music, Brock Speer will also be remembered as a backing vocalist on the. A compromise was reached – Gordon Stoker from the Jordanaires with Brock and Ben from the Speer Family.

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Ben Lacy Speer (June 26, 1930 – April 7, 2017) was a singer, musician, music publisher, and. Speer began publishing Southern Gospel music in 1950, founding the Ben Speer Music Company. Among songs published by the company are.

9joOlFa,shic Sunday School 10 Worsh BROOKHAVEN UNITED METHODIST music in 1908 In 1920 and they raised a. pioneered The present group of singers is led by the to Speer sons Brock and Ben both.

Apr 12, 2017. With the recent death of Ben Speer, the style of southern gospel music popularized by James Vaughn and the Stamps-Baxter singing schools.

Feb 18, 2012. She was part of the LeFevres who started the Gospel Singing Caravan in the 60's. Ben Speer is one of the few of the old-timers remaining.

Apr 7, 2017. The Southern Gospel world and the Gaither Homecoming Family have lost an. Ben's father, “Dad” Speer, a singing school teacher and a true.

Apr 7, 2017. Ben was a part of The Speer Family for more than six decades. Even after “ retiring” Ben continued work in Southern Gospel music producing.

and Ben Waites from southern Louisiana will share the Five. Each is known nationally on the gospel music circuit. Speer is a Gaither Homecoming artist who has sung at conventions and mega-churches.

Oct 19, 2010. the Singing Speer Family was a well-known gospel group with its. Mary Tom Speer, and Ben Speer were all part of the family group at.

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Apr 10, 2017. Gospel Music Hall of Fame member Ben Speer died in Nashville on April 7 at age 86. The Speers made history by featuring female singing.

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Atkins played rhythm guitar, Floyd Cramer was added at the piano, and gospel singers Ben and Brock Speer of the Speer Family and Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires provided backing vocals. Moore and.

Final Arrangements for Rosa Nell Speer Powell Family Album, Singing, Christmas. Ben Speer Southern Gospel Music, Orchestra, My Music, Singers, Let It Be.

The Jordanaires were an American vocal quartet that formed as a gospel group in 1948. They are known for providing background vocals for Elvis Presley, in live appearances and recordings from 1956 to 1972.The group has also worked in the recording studio, on stage, and on television with many other country and rock and roll artists.

George Younce Jake Hess Bob Cain Rusty Goodman Rex Nelon Brock Speer Howard and Vestal Goodman J. D. Sumner James Blackwood Hovie Lister Stephen Hill.

This year, singer/songwriter/guitarist Bernie Chiaravalle marks his thirtieth anniversary playing with the Michael McDonald Band. It has been a remarkable career touring and recording with the five-time Grammy winner, as well as guesting and writing songs for other artists like Judy Collins, Amy Holland, David Pack, Pat Simmons, Larry Carlton and many others.